The pharmaceutical industry is a capital and knowledge intensive industry that moves fast relies on innovation capability. As the one of the fastest developing business, pharmaceutical industries in the world are growing rapidly, especially in Indonesia. The growth of the pharmaceutical market in Indonesia is increasing every year and this condition makes Indonesia transforming as a new growing market in Asia. Rapid changes in the economic and trade poses many challenges to the Indonesian pharmaceutical industries, including win the competition and become the market leader.

Nowadays, there’s a lot of Indonesian pharmaceutical industries seek to accelerate the advancement of industries to overseas market. One of which is with performances and exhibitions held in many countries around the world. In line with that, Indonesian government has declared its intention to promote the Indonesian pharmaceutical industries.

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In an eff ort to promote its pharmaceutical industries, Indonesia needs to compiled an English Guide Book of Pharmaceutical Industry as known as Indonesian Pharmaceutical Industry Directory. This book has a role to introduce Indonesian industries in the eye of the world.

Indonesian Pharmaceutical Industry Directory is a book intended for investors, governments and other pharmaceutical industries related. The first edition of this book consists of 113 out of 206 pharmaceutical industries available in Indonesia.

Indonesian Pharmaceutical Industry Directory would be the base for presenting independent information about the Indonesian pharmaceutical industries and support the Indonesian pharmaceutical industries in publicizing themselves globally.

Indonesian Pharmaceutical Industry Directory 2013