(Book) Mewujudkan Akses dan Kemandirian Farmasi Dan Alat Kesehatan yang Bermutu


Health development continues to move progressively and dynamically, as an effort to fulfill the rights of people to obtain health status of the highest. Health development is organized through the National Health System approach, realized by moving the various elements of society, business world, academy, and of course, the government escorted to jointly ensure access to affordable health care for the community. Pharmaceutical and medical device into one of the subsystems within the National Health System, and participated in the success of the achievement of health development targets.

Gratitude, the period 2012 – 2018 this, Directorate General of Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices has spawned numerous breakthroughs in efforts to improve access to health services, through the guarantee of access, autonomy, and quality of pharmaceutical preparations and medical devices. The effort was organized in a comprehensive manner, based supply chain cycle of pharmaceutical and medical goods consumables. Efforts to improve access to committed from election, plan, pengadaan, distribution, service, as well as the evaluation of pharmaceutical preparations and medical devices. Also conducted surveillance efforts of medical equipment and medical supplies household (HHP) secure, excellent and useful. Included in these efforts, breakthroughs to achieve independence drug, drug raw materials, and medical devices in Indonesia.

According to excerpts welcome the Director General of Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices, Drag. Maura Linda Sitanggang, Ph.D (2012-2018) in the book “Realizing access and independence of Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Quality.”

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