The 1st Technofarmalkes 2019: Indonesian Health Tech Innovation


Jakarta – In accordance with the policy and national strategy 2015-2019, improving the competitiveness of the pharmaceutical industry and medical devices, resilience and national independence, should be strengthened by the development of the pharmaceutical industry and medical equipment in the country competitiveness inter alia through regulations that favor domestic industry, strengthening the domestic industry and the increased use of domestic products, increased resources, availability of raw materials, Health Technology Assessments (HTA), Health Technology Management (HTM), research and development of pharmaceuticals and medical devices that meet the standards.

Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Program seeks to improve access, autonomy, and the quality of pharmaceutical and medical devices for health development. One of the efforts to increase access, autonomy, and quality through the dissemination of information, advocacy, and facilitation of multi-stakeholder, with these activities is expected that the cross-program, across sectors, as well as associated partners can obtain the latest information in the field of pharmaceutical and medical devices, and collaborate on various inputs.

To achieve the above objective and in the framework of the ASEAN Economic Community 2015 which has been running especially in the medical equipment sector held "Seminar of Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Sector" with the theme "The 1st Technofarmalkes 2019 : Indonesia Health Tech Innovation "on 10 s.d 11 September 2019.

This activity also as a step to the development of Innovation and Competitiveness of Domestic Products including pharmaceutical products and medical devices, innovative research, and bilateral trade policy instruments, regional, and international; Clinical trials of medical devices; and facilitation (business matching, sharing experience) akademisi-business-government-community-innovator (A-B-G-C-I). Dissemination of information through innovation, increasing competitiveness, financing, and health services to stakeholders and to encourage self-reliance of pharmaceutical and medical devices production in the country.

The beneficiaries in this activity is Academician, researcher, and holders of Innovation, Industrial and manufacturing of pharmaceutical preparations and medical devices in the country as well as practitioners in health care facilities, as well as relevant stakeholders.