Exhibition of Health Development in the Context of National Health Day 55th Anniversary 2019


In the framework of National Health Day 55th Anniversary 2019, The Ministry of Health will hold a Health Development Exhibition which will be held on 7 s.d. 9 November 2019 ICE housed in BSD City Hall 9 and 10, Serpong, Tangerang, Banten.

The theme of the exhibition in the framework of Health Development of National Health Day 55th Anniversary 2019 is “promotion, Healthcare Technology Innovation To Support Health Care”. In addition to displaying the program and the results of health development, on this occasion also exhibited the domestic medical device that aims to introduce and increase interest in health care facilities to use medical equipment in the country. Some results of research from universities and research institutes in the fields of pharmaceuticals and medical devices contribute displayed at this exhibition. During the exhibition event will be held dialogues / health seminars as an educational tool for the public to increase knowledge in the field of health, examination or medical consultation services free to visitors of the exhibition and Health Business Forum aimed at encouraging efforts to strengthen partnerships with neighboring countries and partners, so as to establish a cooperative relationship, promoting cooperation in the fields of health, and promote economic growth and sustainable development.

As for the exhibitors this time include: Each Main Unit / Work Unit within the Ministry of Health, Ministry / Agency and relevant Government Agencies, Hospital, Pharmaceutical Industry, Medical Device Industry, Cosmetics industry, Food-Beverage Industry, Traditional medicine industry / Extract Natural Ingredients, Household Health Industry (HHP), Pharmaceutical Industry Association, Medical devices, Cosmetics, Food and Beverages and female heads of household, Health Professional Organization, and Universities. Implementation of these activities are open to the public and free. It is expected that the public can get to know and use of medical devices, drug, traditional medicine, cosmetics, HHP, and extracts of natural ingredients that have been able to be produced in Indonesia. In addition, people can also obtain more information about how to use and the use of medical devices, drug, traditional medicine, cosmetics and female heads of household good and right.