Secretariat of the Directorate General of Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices


Coordinating the implementation of the duties and providing the administrative support for Directorate General of Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices in accordance with the statutory legislation.


  1. coordinating and preparing plans, program, and budget and data and information management;
  2. managing the financial affairs and state-owned goods;
  3. preparing the coordination and the implementation of legal affairs, organization, the management, and public relations;
  4. implementing personnel affairs, administration, internal affairs, archives, documentation and procurement services; and
  5. monitoring, evaluating, and reporting.



Secretary of The Directorate General of Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices
drg. Arianti Anaya, MKM

Deputy Director for Program and Information
Roy Himawan, S.Si., Apt., MKM

Head of Section of Program
Anita Dwi Juwita Ningrum, Apt

Head of Section of Budgeting
M. Arief Jatmiko, ST

Head of Section of Information and Evaluation
Yenita Malasari, Apt

Deputy Director for Legal Affairs, Organization and Methods and Public Relation
Yudy Yudistira Adhimulya, SH, M.Hum

Head of the Section of Laws and Regulations
Samhan Nafi BS, S.H

Head of Section of Organization and Methods
Sandy Wifaqah, S.Farm, Apt.

Head of Section of Legal Advocacy and Public Relation
dr. Anantha Dian Tiara, MKM

Deputy Director for Finance and State's Asset Management
Atep Sudarman K, SE., MM

Head of Section Of Treasury
Titien Suprihatin, S.Sos., MM

Head of Section of Verification and Accounting
Arif Dwi Setiawan, S.E

Head of Section of State's Asset Management
Desko Irianto, SH, MM

Deputy Director for Personnel and General Affairs
Indah Susanti Donimando, S.Si, Apt

Head of Section of Personnel
Drag. Magda Mina Putri, Apt., MKM

Head of Section of Procurement Services
Ari Budiyanto, S.Si., Apt

Head of Section of Administration and Internal Affairs
Warsito, S.Sos, MM.