1. OIC Workshop on Vaccine Cold Chain Management

The OIC Workshop on Vaccine Cold Chain Management was held in Jakarta and Bandung on 1 – 2 October 2019 with the following objectives:

  1. To share expertise in regards to vaccine cold chain management
  2. To expand network among OIC member states
  3. As a benchmark for vaccine cold chain management among OIC member states
  4. To increase knowledge in vaccine cold chain management
  5. To observe the mechanism of vaccine distribution in Indonesia

The workshop was joined by 45 participants which consists of 16 participants from 14 OIC member states (Uganda, Gambia, Sudan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Somalia,Nigeria, Maldives, Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia, Turkey,Kazakhstan, Tunisia, and Morocco), 6 participants from Provincial Health Offices (South Kalimantan, Riau, North Sulawesi, Banten, Nusa Tenggara Timur, and West Jawa), 6 participants from District/City Health Offices (Bandung, Tangerang, South Tangerang, Siak, Karanganyar, and Bekasi), 7 participants from the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia, and 10 participants from PT. Bio Farma.

The workshop began with an opening ceremony which was held in the Siwabessy Hall, Ministry of Health on October 1st, 2019. The opening ceremony featured remarks from Indonesia’s Director General of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices, remarks from HE. Amb. Askar Mussinov as Assistant Secretary General of the OIC, and a keynote speech as well as officiation by the Minister of Health of Indonesia.

In her speech, the Minister of Health delivered that “Being one of several countries amongst OIC countries that advanced in vaccines and biotechnology production, we share responsibilities to improve OIC member states capacity in fulfilling the need of vaccines, and to ensure that vaccines consumed provide its best outcome for public health improvement. I believe, this workshop would be beneficial to meet those objectives.
—I would like to reaffirm Indonesia’s commitment, that as OIC Center of Excellence on Vaccines and Biotechnology, we will continue to support fellow member states on their effort to tackle constant outbreaks and high prevalence of various infectious diseases that have been eradicated elsewhere. As a apart of that commitment, this workshop would provide a beneficial experience for all participants, including Indonesia.”

Once the opening ceremony was over, participants travelled to Trans Luxury Hotel in Bandung to start the workshop which consists of three panel sessions and a field trip to Bandung Regency Health Office and PT. Bio Farma.

The first panel session entitled “Overview on Global Distribution of Vaccines and OIC Self-Reliance” featured speakers such as dr. Vinod Bura who is a Technical Officer EPI (Expanded Program on Immunization) in WHO,and HE. Amb. Askar Mussinov. dr. Vinod Bura delivered a presentation regarding immunization supply chain and logistics.

Meanwhile, HE. Amb. Askar Mussinov delivered a speaking note in regards to introduction to the OIC, OIC Strategic Health Programme of Action (SHPA) 2014-2023, OIC efforts in achieving self-reliance in the production of medicines and vaccines, Status of Vaccine production in OIC Member States, OIC activities and Programmes in support of self-reliance in Vaccine production, as well as OIC’s future plan in regards to promote self-reliance in the production and supply of affordable and quality vaccines.

The second panel session entitled “Sharing Best Practices: Vaccines and Cold Chain Management in Indonesia” featured presentation from Mrs. Ratna Irawati as the Director for Control of Distribution and Service of Drugs,Narcotics, Psychotropics, and Precursor Drugs, NA-DFC; dr. Gertrudis Tandy as Section Head in Secondary and Special Situation Immunization, MoH Indonesia; as well as Mrs. Harwanti Nana Andini as Head of Medical Supplies Management Section, MoH Indonesia. Mrs. Ratna delivered a presentation regarding Vaccine Regulatory in Indonesia, dr. Gertrudis delivered a presentation regarding Vaccine Management System in Indonesia, whereas Mrs. Nana delivered a presentation regarding vaccine supply chain.

For the third panel session entitled “Sharing of Best Practices: Vaccines and Cold Chain Management in OIC Member Countries”, speakers include representative from Maldives, Bangladesh, Sudan, Nigeria, and Turkey. Each speaker was given time to explain the cold chain management in their respective countries including vaccines and antiserums cold chain and stock tracking system in Turkey as well as online vaccine & logistics stock management (DHIS2) in Bangladesh.

Field trip to the Bandung Regency Health Office as well as PT. Bio Farma was also made. In the Bandung Regency Health Office, the Health Office Secretary delivered a presentation regarding vaccine and cold chain management in Bandung Regency as well as provide a chance for participants to visit the vaccine storage facility. In PT. Bio Farma, participants were brought to the vaccine production and packaging facility, cold room of PT. Bio Farma, as well as centre of excellence facility in PT. Bio Farma.

The workshop was closed with a farewell dinner where participants were given a chance to play the angklung as an orchestra. The night ended with souvenir distribution of miniature angklung.