The 54th National Health Day Summit


JAKARTA-Sunday, 18 November 2018

"This event was also enlivened with festivals balanced nutrition and culinary festival. HKN peak is expected through the community's understanding of health can be increased and the quality of Indonesian citizens' health is getting better. "

The final series of National Health Day activities (HKN) 54th year 2018, The Ministry of Health held a summit in East parking Fields-Bungkarno Gelora Senayan, Jakarta, Sunday (18/11 includes the Healthy Way along Menkes RI, Gymnastics together, MURI record-breaking talk and eat together in the style of the contents of my plate.

"The highlight of this year's commemoration HKN has involved the entire family of the Ministry of Health, UPT, vertical hospitals, community organizations as well as large families and brought the health sector strengthening germas message through physical activity, balanced nutrition consumption, as well as health checks, The activities at once momentum remind people to always have a healthy life. "Said Chairman of the Committee HKN 2018, Director General of Public Health, Ministry Of Health, dr Kirana Pritasari MQIH.

HKN year 2018 has been initiated with various activities, both at the central as well as provincial and district / city including seminars, symposium, health fair, awarding achievements in health, various sporting events and entertainment and other activities.

That morning, HKN warning begins with a healthy walk along with the officials of Ministry of Health, and low impact exercises together with Health Minister Nila Moeloek, continued cutting cone, talk show, cooking demonstrations and a peak, MURI record-breaking contents plate. The committee has prepared 40 tent culinary festival participants, tent to sell vegetables and fruit and fish. other than that, there is also a talk show "Fill My plate."

Ministry of Health continues to provide nutrition to the community related knowledge pasa every occasion, one through the talk show "Fill My plate." In addition to the talk show, the public is also given an understanding of nutrition through cooking demonstrations themed "Fill My plate." At that moment will be followed by a discussion with the Minister of Health to provide flexibility for the public to deepen the knowledge about nutrition. In a serving dish, vegetables and fruits should have a half portion dishes every meal. Meanwhile, other plate half filled with staple food sources of carbohydrates and side dishes that contain lots of protein.

As much 3.284 people who joined the show eat together according Fill My plate. My plate Fill the recommended servings of the Ministry of Health is 2/3 plate filled carbohydrates, 2/3 vegetable, 1/3 fruit, and 1/3 protein. Health Minister Nila Moeloek expect, with a main meal together followed by thousands of people could improve understanding of the ideal eating. he called, health journey that one can begin with the Fill My plate.

"The contents of the plate, half are carbohydrates and proteins, (measuring) approximately 2/3 carbohydrates and 1/3 protein. The other half, 1/3 fruit and 2/3 her vegetable,"According to the Minister of Health, it turns out the average Indonesian people less likely to eat vegetables and fruit, only a few percent, whereas this country extraordinarily rich. “Protein kita, not only beef, but also fish. Let's not ocean fish, freshwater fish can,"Says Menkes.

"From us it, we ask the correct meaning of the Indonesian community health awareness. We will not become a strong nation, without starting from our first healthy,"he said. Interpretation of the theme HKN 54th "Let's Live Healthy Start from Yourself" could be interpreted that the healthy beginning of Fill My plate, namely what is eaten daily. "We can get health begins with what we eat", "We hope that all Indonesian people to know the content of the plate for we realize the Indonesian nation healthy, strong, and competitive,"Said Menkes.

CEO and Initiator MURI Jaya Soeprana say, himself for the umpteenth time to pay their respects and appreciation to the Minister of Health on the struggle in improving the health of citizens Indonesia.

"These health problems directly related to the welfare of society. I see mothers (Menkes) always be persistent and focus on improving health,” kata Jaya Suprana.

Jaya Suprana menilai, gerakan makan sesuai porsi Isi Piringku merupakan hal yang baik sekali. Itu yang menjadi alasan dirinya memberikan piagam Rekor MURI kepada Menkes. “Gerakan ini (makan sesuai Isi Piringku) bagus sekali, maka MURI menganugerahkan piagam penghargaan Rekor Dunia. Karena saya belum dengar gerakan Isi Piringku di negara lain,” kata Jaya.


Selain hidup sehat, upaya mengarah kepada pencegahan sebaiknya dilakukan dengan melakukan cek kesehatan secara berkala. Menkes menyatakan bahwa Kemenkes baru saja selesai melakukan riset kesehatan dasar 2018, dan hasilnya cukup menyedihkan.
Saat ini Indonesia tengah menghadapi beban ganda masalah gizi. Di satu sisi kita menghadapi masalah gizi kurang, pendek/stunting, dan kurus, di sisi lain kita juga dihadapkan pada masalah obesitas.

"Diabetes has increased from 6 percent so 8 more. This means that Indonesia many sick people with diabetes now. Diabetes was his mother's disease. It could be kidney failure, stroke, etc.. High blood pressure also increased from 25 percent to 34 percent. Help us are healthy, and I entrusted each of us, please let the family, neighbor, friend, we need to live healthy,"Says Menkes.

According to Minister of Health, healthy living community movement (GERMAS) not just the responsibility of the Ministry of Health alone, but all elements of society and related institutions. In a series of HKN highlight is enlivened by a variety of health-related activities and directly involve the community. so that, this momentum be an opportunity for the community in raising awareness to always behave in a healthy life.

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