National Formulary Plenary Meeting Preparation (Fornas) Year 2019


National Formulary Plenary Meeting Preparation (Fornas) year 2019 organized by the Directorate of Pharmaceutical Services, Directorate General of Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices at the Hotel Royal Kuningan Jakarta on 15 s.d. 16 May 2019, attended by 150 invitees from the National Committee for Drafting Fornas 2019, Head of the Provincial / District / City and Chief of Hospital Pharmacy was selected based on the proposals received, Chairman of the Association / Organization of Health Professions, SOE and the Director of the Pharmaceutical Industry.

National Fomularium is a list of selected medicines are needed and should be available in health-care facilities in the framework of the implementation of the National Health Insurance. In line with this need to be revised periodically Fornas as efforts to improve and give space to the contents Fornas improvement.

Restructuring activities Fornas year 2019 has been through 5 (lima) Technical Discussion Meeting times to discuss the proposed drug delivered by the proposer institution and complete review of drugs that are already listed in Fornas. Review made against 302 item proposed in 469 dosage form / strength, and also against Fornas year 2017 and amendments (595 items in 1.050 dosage form / strength).

Preparation of the meeting agenda Plenary Meeting of the National Formulary (Fornas) year 2019 yang telah dilaksanakan ini antara lain Pemaparan “Pemilihan Obat dalam Fornas berbasis EBM sebagai kendali mutu dan kendali biaya dalam JKN” oleh Ketua Komnas Penyusunan Fornas dan Diskusi Pembahasan Kelas Terapi.

Minister of Health, Prof. Dr. dr. Nila Djuwita F. Moeloek, Sp.M (K) berkesempatan membuka acara ini secara resmi, dalam arahannya Menkes berharap dari pelaksanaan proses Penyusunan Fornas tahun 2019 ini dapat diperoleh hasil pembahasan untuk penyempurnaan Fornas, so as to improve the rational use of drug to achieve the degree of public health through the application of the highest Fornas as quality control and cost control in JKN.